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Goji berries
Merry berry

Goji berries
( Boxthorn barbarum, Lycium Eleagnus Barbarum, "Merry berry" ).

Goji has been occupying an important place in the traditional Asian medicine for countless generations, and the secrets of its nutritional benefits have remained uncovered for the majority of the world.

During the reign of the Tang dynasty ( around 800 A.D. ) a well was dug near the famous Buddhist temple, which was overgrown with goji bushes. For many years countless quantities of berries just fell into the well. Pilgrims who prayed there enjoyed good health above all expectations. Even in their eighties they didn't have grey hair or didn't lose a single tooth. It happened so because they used to drink water from the well. A poem has been written on the basis of this legend.

Goji berries are fruit of high nutritional value because they contain beneficial ingredients, minerals as well as macronutrients: isoleucine, tryptophan, zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium, phosphorus and vitamins: B1, B2, B3 and E.

Containing more than 15% of proteins, 21 necessary minerals and 19 amino acids, goji berries are great food and the only one of their kind. They are the most promising nutriment promoting health, having the potential to revolutionize dietetics, sports achievements and traditional medicine throughout the 21st century.
Chinese herbal literature emphasises particularly the effectiveness of Lycium berries in treating pathogenic conditions of heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Recommended for the treatment of rheumatism caused by cold and moist climate.
Its long-term application ensures:
- strengthening joints,
- strengthening the immune system,
- growing slimmer,
- delaying ageing processes,
- improving vitality,
- improving sight;

Modern medicine particularly admires a high content of zeaxanthin - a substance naturally contained within the retina of the eye which positively affects eyesight and helps to reduce the risk of cataracts.
Goji fruit are said to be one of the basic element of the diet of many celebrities,
including Madonna, Mick Jagger, Demi Moore, Kate Moss and Bookie Shields, used as a beautifying and rejuvenating agent.

- contain an antitumour Acai antioxidant which has antimutagenic effects,
- reduces the risk of various diseases,

Due to the high level of vitamin C, dried fruits are promoted in the West. It is estimated that in 100 grams of berries there is as much as 2500 mg of it, which establishes goji as the third natural source of this vitamin in the world,

- enhances muscle development,
- regulates liver function
- protects the heart
- has beneficial effects on the condition of bones and joints.

It is recommended to eat dried goji fruit in moderation - the daily dose of 20-30 g of goji (a small handful).

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