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Organic sugar-free spelt cookies
Non-returnable because tasty

Baked without fat using natural organic spelt flour. Constitute a snack high in carbohydrates, fibre, protein and vitamins. Their unique taste will cheer you up...



In old times Israelites in the Middle East or Germans and Romans in Europe already knew and highly appreciated one high-value grain - spelt as the food ensuring health, strength, physical fitness and even intelligence. Because of its comprehensive properties it was praised by a medieval German mystic, Hildegard of Bingen, who attributed haematological, muscle constructing and exhilarating effects to it. She recommended it to be consumed in each meal. According to the German doctors systematic consumption of spelt products allows the entire body to recuperate, recovering health. It gives a feeling of satiety for a long time as well as well-being.

Spelt strengthens the body, is helpful in fatigue, reduced physical capacity, recurrent infections, allergies, calcium metabolism disorders, angina pectoris, heart conditions and generally in cardiovascular, liver and kidney diseases. It improves digestion and functions of the nervous system. Spelt diet is beneficial in all conditions of digestive system, treats fever, influenza, haemorrhage and other severe conditions. Spelt groats prevents cholelithiasis, reduces insulin demand and increases metabolic pace, whereas flour reduces it. The soup is recommended for people who suffer from diarrhoea and patients just after an operation. The coffee improves digestion, has a mild laxative effect. Spelt warms body up improving blood circulation, which removes feeling of cold in the hands and feet, strengthens sense organs, delays ageing processes. Clinical studies conducted in the twentieth century in Germany revealed that spelt from organic farming consumed three times a day, combined with the specified diet, treats such conditions as allergies, diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, tonsillitis, rheumatism, cancer, drug poisoning. It is perfect for weakened, exhausted or malnourished people. Spelt products used for therapeutic purposes should not include admixtures of other cereals, grains or vegetables in their composition. The use of aluminium and plastic containers or ones with damaged enamel should be avoided. Do not use electric cookers or microwave ovens as they emit harmful



Hulls as medicine

In western countries ground spelt hulls are also treated as medicines, a source of fibre. Baths in husk decoction are helpful in many dermal problems. After re-milling the grain is already pure and ready to be sold. A part of it lands in shops in the form of groats and flour products, and the remains are collected by wholemeal pasta manufacturers Whereas the yield per hectare is estimated as 10-20 percent lower than that of wheat. All in all, the crop is profitable.

 It is also worth adding that spelt is suitable for organic farming because it naturally does not require the use of chemical fertilisers. It has even been observed that when it is grown with high fertilization, it grows high, breeds and provides a very small yield. It is therefore so-called extensive grain. In organic farming the yield is increased by the application of compost.

 In Poland many years ago after the war spelt was cultivated in fairly large quantities in submontane towns. It disappeared from the fields in the 1980s, just the moment it began to gain more interest in western Europe

Spelt husks are also worth mentioning. They are used as filling in pillows, quilts, mattresses, etc., improve circulation, remove increased muscular tension, soothe pain, prevent the formation of bedsores and chafes, facilitate falling asleep. In Poland spelt pillows are now available.



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Organic= Organic farming product